Material Warranty

Alexander Rose takes its environmental and ethical responsibilities very seriously. Sustainable sourcing for products, combined with the utilisation of factories that possess good employee conditions, has long been our way of business and is fundamental to our core beliefs and values.


Roble – 10 Years

Cornis – 3 Years

Mahogany – 3 Years

New England/Painted Acacia – 3 Years

Pine – 3 Years

Ocean – 10 Years

Ocean Pearl – 10 Years

Aluminium Frames (Weave) – 10 Years

Cordial Stainless Steel Frames – 10 Years

Cordial Aluminium Frames – 5 Years

Cordial Rope – 5 Years

Beach Lounge Frames – 5 Years

Beach Lounge Cushions – 2 Years

San Marino – 10 Years

Classic – 10 Years

Kool Pearl – 10 Years

Monte Carlo – 3 Years

Portofino Weave – 3 Years

Stainless Steel Frames (Cologne) – 10 Years

Portofino Frames – 5 Years

Portofino Lite Frames – 3 Years

Olefin Cushions – 2 Years

Ceramic (Cologne) – 10 Years

Sling (Cologne, Roble & Portofino) – 3 Years

Parasols – 2 Years

Bases – 2 Years

Storage Bags – 2 Years

Furniture Covers – 2 Years

Polyester Cushions – 1 Years

Lazy Susans – 2 Years

Furniture Anchors – 2 Years

Commercial / Non Domestic Warranty

Please contact Katy Heasman, Commercial Sales Manager, on:

  • Tel: +44(0)1444 258928
  • Email:

Conditions Of Warranty

  1. The warranty starts from the date of purchase
  2. Alexander Rose requires proof of purchase.
  3. Alexander Rose must be notified of any defect and given the opportunity to remedy it; any remedial work carried out by a third party will invalidate any warranty.
  4. The product has not been misused or handled carelessly and has not been wilfully damaged, neglected or used in abnormal conditions.
  5. The product has not been modified, altered or transformed in any way.
  6. The cost of transportation of goods to be repaired or exchanged is covered for mainland UK only and only for the first year.
  7. Appropriate maintenance must be carried out in accordance with Alexander Rose care instructions. Alexander Rose will not be responsible for any defects due to the application of any treatment product other than Alexander Rose recommended products.
  8. The warranty does not apply to usual wear and tear, meaning dents or scratches or normal deterioration that is received by regular use. It does not cover any deterioration due to the usual weathering process such as fading, cracking and splitting.
  9. If a product has to be replaced and that particular product is no longer available Alexander Rose reserve the right to use an alternative similar product.
  10. The inherent fading of products under sunlight and seasonal weather conditions is excluded from the extended warranty, and is thereby covered with a standard statutory warranty. This exclusion applies to both natural wood products and synthetic materials. Your statutory rights are unaffected. The products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship that affects their suitability for use for the periods indicated from date of first purchase. This warranty applies to normal conditions of use and maintenance.All claims by the customer will be subject to scrutiny and inspection by our own experts.This warranty is limited to products being used in the manner in which they were originally intended and will not cover damages resulting from normal wear and tear, misuse, damages in shipping, failure to follow instructions, unauthorized repair or alterations, fire, flood, weather etc.For example, chairs should be used for sitting only and leaning back on the two back legs is considered hazardous. Damages arising from such use are therefore not covered. Tables should be used as designed and are not for standing or sitting on.EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not apply to faults or imperfections resulting from the passage of time or normal wear and tear.Circumstances not covered by this warranty include, but are not limited to, damage arising from insufficient care, or from non-compliance with the supplied instructions and advice for receiving, assembling, using, maintaining and storing Alexander Rose furniture; general wear and tear or natural fading of the materials used; corrosion originating from scratches or abrasions that result from general wear and tear, or which cannot be repaired with touch-up paint; any changes in wood texture and the visual appearance of wood that are directly linked to aging; the fading or change in shade of colours, cracks, scratches or small chips resulting from use, etc.Sling and fabric materials can be damaged and cut by harsh materials, rivets etc., on clothing.Finishes on products are not warranted as the life and performance of the product is greatly determined by care as well as the environment in which it is used.In case of complaint, contact our representative immediately or contact our Head Office directly. Any defects must be reported with supporting photos to Alexander Rose.If the product is checked and is found to be flawed due purely to manufacturing faults, Alexander Rose will decide whether the product should be repaired or exchanged.