Classic Garden Furniture

The Timber Collection

Alexander Rose has been a market leader in the design and manufacture of quality garden furniture since it was established in 1994. During the two decades of our existence, our reputation has been considerably enhanced by our insistence on selecting only superior species of wood for our products. All our timber is responsibly sourced, and we are proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Timber collection from Alexander Rose offers a wide range of garden furniture from benches to planters, and from coffee tables to swing seats. We make use of a carefully chosen variety of hardwood and softwood timber to manufacture our classic furniture pieces. We believe wood to be an ideal material to use in making outdoor furniture, but only if it is individually selected for its suitability.

Our Wood Selection

Bolivian Roble

Our flagship wood is Roble (pronounced Roh-Blay), which is one of the most durable and strongest woods in the world. We are so confident in its quality that we expect it to last in excess of 25 years in typical outdoor conditions, with no need for maintenance. Our Roble is responsibly sourced from carefully managed dry forests in Bolivia and is harvested from the heartwood section of trees that are between eighty and a hundred years old. Newly-harvested Roble is a light yellow in colour, and if left untreated will mellow to a classic silver-grey appearance.


Our Cornis wood originates from the Congo in Central Africa and is a dense reddish-brown wood with a solid feel and an expected durability of 10 years. Our Cornis is carefully oiled during the manufacturing process, meaning it will darken initially then turn silver-grey over a period of 5-6 months.


Mahogany is the third species in our timber collection and is also sourced from one of our managed forests in the Congo, Africa. It is a tough, strong wood that is pinkish when harvested, maturing over time to a classic dark brown and then to our characteristic silver-grey when left outdoors.


Our classic Pine furniture is fabricated using Eastern European softwood pine, which we believe is ideally suited to making furniture with a more rustic feel. Our Pine range is pre-treated at the manufacturing stage to guarantee its suitability for outdoor use, and as a result is equally at home either on a domestic lawn or in the more commercial environment of a traditional British pub garden!

New England

Our final collection of timber furniture is the New England, made from Vietnamese Acacia wood. The wood is given a contemporary feel by twice coating it in a crisp white paint, and the style of the collection makes it suitable for any environment.