The Sherwood Range

Our Sherwood range is one of our most popular Timber ranges and with 33 items, it is also one of our largest collections. From sunbeds to rocking chairs, to 13 different types of benches, you can certainly find what you are looking for in the Sherwood range.


The furniture is made from Acacia wood (pronounced a-KAY-see-uh) Latin name acacia mangium and has been uniquely designed to have a rough, rustic and painted finish to the wood. Our Acacia is 100% FSC certified and comes with a three-year warranty. The brushed finish of the collection is achieved by treating the wood prior to assembling each individual piece. First, we smooth down the wood in accordance with our standard practice for all our Timber ranges, then we deliberately rough the surface with a wire brush to get the signature “distressed” texture and finally, we apply the paint. 

When we designed the finish and appearance of this range, we concentrated our efforts into crafting a textured natural finish with a rough appearance and touch. Due to the finish, there will naturally be a variant in colour and have a slightly coarse feel. 

Other painted Acacia ranges in the Alexander Rose catalogue include Old England, which consists of three distinctive dining sets and one lounge set- two in a brushed grey finish with matching benches and one in a brushed grey finish with woven bucket chairs. 

Another painted Acacia range, New England, includes four white benches coated in a rich satin polyurethane paint. Both ranges are made from 100% FSC certified Acacia wood and unlike the Sherwood, Old and New England have a smooth to the touch feel.

The Sherwood, New England and Old England ranges are available at our retailers. To find out which of our retailers is closest to you, go to the ‘retailers’ tab and type in your postcode.