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5 Cosy Ways To Make Your Outdoor Seating Area Inviting for Autumn

Lets get Cosy! Well here we are, it’s October already and boy has a lot happened this year! Covid-19 has dominated lives all over the globe, and we have learnt a lot about ourselves as a result. We have baked cakes, learnt how to use Zoom, but most importantly we have learnt that spending time outdoors is very good for our mental and physical health. We have never appreciated our gardens more, and with Autumn drawing in, you may be worried about no longer being able to use your outdoor seating space. However, with just a few accessories, your outdoor space will be cosy and inviting for many days and nights to come (considering it’s not raining!).

Here’s how to do it:


1. Outdoor lighting. Fairy lights are one of the easiest ways to instantly create a cosy atmosphere. Hang from trees, drape over shrubs, and dangle from garden walls in a variety of warm and coloured bulbs. The addition of LED candles placed on the coffee or dining table will give a soft light without being blown out every 5 minutes! Real candles placed in lanterns on the ground next to your chairs or dotted around the garden will create a romantic glow. Lastly, use solar powered garden lights such as our Rimini Solar Lights placed to outline the garden path or illuminate a garden feature.

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Rimini Solar Lights (Set of 2)


2. Outdoor rugs. Something soft and fluffy beneath your feet will make you feel relaxed and cosy. There are rugs specifically made to be outdoors which are manufactured to be hardwearing and water resistant, withstanding rain, sun and snow, but you don’t have to use one of these. Other rugs such as Faux Sheepskins are a popular choice not only on the ground, but also draped over the back of chairs and sofas to achieve a boho style, but of course you’ll have to store them inside when you’re not using them.

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Beach Lounge

Fire Pit

3. Grown in popularity over the past few years, firepits are now a garden staple and are available in many different styles to fit your décor. Not only a source of warmth in colder evenings but also a functional way to cook up dinner for friends and family, and a fun way to toast marshmallows!

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Casual Dining

4. Fire pit dining table sets. Following the popularity of fire pits, fire pit dining tables are now widely available. These are casual dining tables which have gas lit flames in the centre of the table with panes of glass protecting the naked flames. A party piece in any season, but in Autumn the warmth generated from the flames can easily facilitate late night dinner parties.

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Monte Carlo Casual Dining Set With Firepit

Cosy Soft Furnishings

5. Soft furnishings. And lots of them. Multiple coloured cushions scattered on your outdoor chairs, sofas in varying sizes will help you to get comfy. Layers of blankets will complete the cosy, snuggly atmosphere.

projects chewton glen 2

Hopefully this blog has given you some helpful tips on how to make your outdoor seating area cozy and inviting as we enter Autumn, so you can carry on using your garden even as the nights draw closer and colder.