This section is designed to help you choose the right accessories for your furniture set. We have every item you will need to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

We have a variety of granite bases ranging from 11kg – 90kg, and a composite base ideal for the Portofino parasol.

We offer 3 inscription services: brass plaque, stainless steel plaque, and direct engraving onto our furniture. Click engraving for more information.

Our covers protect against the build up of dirt and protect your furniture in the harsher months. They are easily removed and installed and come with ties for securing the furniture.

Our range of cushions come in three types: olefin, premier acrylic and polyester. They are designed specifically for our chairs, benches, swing seats and sunbeds. We also have scatter cushions in a variety of colours.

We have two types of furniture anchors: hard ground (e.g. concrete) and soft ground (e.g. lawns). Installation is quick and easy without any mess.

Our lazy susan is available in thick tempered safety glass. It has been designed with a 50mm central hole for parasol use.

We have a large range of hardwood, stainless steel and aluminium parasol. We also have cantilever parasols; they provide maximum shade and appear to be floating above the furniture set.

Our storage bags come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. They have been designed to fit all the cushions that we make and are perfect for when the furniture is not in use.

If you do not want your furniture to mellow to a silver/grey appearance you can treat your furniture with a range of Alexander Rose furniture treatment products.