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How To Look After Your New Wooden Garden Furniture

Hooray and congratulations on the purchase of your brand-new wooden garden furniture!  Get excited for summertime alfresco dining, garden parties and drinks with friends in the garden.  As well as feeling excited, you may also be apprehensive about how you go about caring for your new pieces.

Wooden furniture is a natural product and over time it will naturally weather to a grey colour with cracks and splits appearing in the wood. This is normal for all wooden furniture, and as Alexander Rose’s furniture is designed with this in mind; its strength and durability will remain unaffected by weathering. However, wooden furniture can be treated with our specially formulated care products to slow down the weathering process and prevent food and drink stains.  Let us take you through how to maintain your new wooden garden furniture with this helpful guide.

Timber Sealer

Alexander Rose Timber Sealer is a protective coating designed to allow the wood to breath, whilst keeping the wood’s original colour. The application of sealer will delay the wood weathering to a silver grey colour. Timber Sealer protects against weathering, reduces dirt and moisture absorption. For new wooden furniture, you can apply a coating of Sealer on its own without any other product. Sealer maybe used on most hardwood furniture including Roble, Mahogany, Teak, Pine, Iroko and our Sherwood and Old England range. It is toxic so practice caution when using. To use, follow these steps:

  1. Wear gloves and eye protection. Cover the ground under your work area before starting
  2. Make sure that the Timber is completely dry before application 
  3. Taking a clean brush, apply sealer evenly over all areas of the wood 
  4. It is recommended that you apply Sealer once a year

Timber Shield

Alexander Rose Timber Shield is the newest member of the Timber care products family. It is water and moisture repellant, helps prevent food and drink stains and prevents mildew growth and dirt build up. It is water based and contains no chemicals making it nontoxic to the environment. Shield is for use on the hardwoods Roble and Teak. Shield has no colour to it. Here’s how to use:

  1. Wear gloves and eye protection. Cover the ground under your work area before starting
  2. Make sure the wood is 100% dry and free of dust
  3. Shake for 1 minute before use 
  4. Apply Shield with a soft cloth and allow to soak for at least 10 minutes
  5. Allow to dry for 4 hours and then re-apply a second coat of Shield. Let the wood dry for at least 24 hours after application before it is exposed to any moisture
  6. It is recommended that you treat your Roble/ Teak with Shield at least once every year 

Be aware that Timber care products may stain clothing, patio paving and scorch grass. Always read the safety instructions on the label of the care products.  

In addition to the application of Sealer or Shield, you may like to purchase a cover for your furniture. The covers protect against the buildup of dirt and ensures less furniture maintenance is required.

Alexander Rose have a range of waterproof furniture covers which can be used to protect the furniture when it is not being used. The range includes; table, chair, bench, parasol, sun lounger and relax hut covers as well as small, medium and large cushion bags.

Depending on the type of furniture you have, it may be necessary to place an object such as a bucket between the furniture and the cover. This will reduce the amount of sagging and will help the airflow around the furniture, which will prevent the chance of rotting. They come with ties and cords for securing to the furniture.

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Furniture Covers

Our timber care products and furniture covers can be purchased through your nearest Alexander Rose retailer. You can find out where your nearest retailer is by clicking on the ‘retailers’ tab on our website and entering your postcode in the search bar.

Well that’s it folks, you now know how to care for your new wooden garden furniture. We hope that your furniture will bring you years of happiness. You may also want to check out our blog on ‘How to Care for your Old Wooden Furniture’ once you have had your furniture for a few years and wish to bring it back to its former colour.