Alexander Rose San Marino Dining Set with Square Top Armchairs Luxury Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Our Beautiful Woven Story

Our woven furniture remains a strong favourite with our customers, and currently we have four collections within our weave range; Ocean Pearl, San Marino and Monte Carlo. A lot of hard work and master craftmanship goes into making each item of furniture and we want to share with you how this process is carried out. From what the furniture is made from, to the craftsmen who make the furniture, let us explain how our weave furniture is made.

san marino 7817 l 2

San Marino Adjustable Sunbed

What is weave made from?

Our weave, or rattan, furniture is made from the highest quality of all-weather wicker and rope. The San Mario range is made from ‘Viro Fibres’, which are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). The fibres are nontoxic and recyclable and are hand woven into lightweight aluminium frames to make our chairs. Our newer more contemporary ranges, cordial and cordial luxe, are made using marine grade rope which has excellent weather resistant’s and is easy to clean. Our rattan ranges have remained extremely popular throughout the years, mainly due to its maintenance free and highly durable nature that withstands changing weather conditions.

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Cordial Luxe Light Grey Armchair

Where is the furniture made?

All our rattan furniture is hand crafted in our factory located in Cebu, The Philippines. Cebu is renowned for its tradition of top-quality weaving and therefore is an ideal location for our factory.

We employ over 250 workers and consult with them on issues of design and sustainability. As well as being a source of employment, we also provide our weavers with health services and educational programs for their families. We at Alexander Rose believe that it is incredibly important to support our manufacturers as without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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Monte Carlo Club 2 Seater Sofa

How is the furniture made?

The manufacture of each item begins with its design. Alexander Rose works in conjunction with our Cebu factory when designing weave furniture. Once the design has been finalized, the first process in it’s manufacture is to create a prototype. This is made by firstly making the aluminium frames and testing their strength. Using aluminium tubes as the base means the chairs are very lightweight yet strong, doesn’t corrode when left outside, and is recyclable. Once the prototype has been refined, tested and approved, production starts and welding of the frames commences by our team of in-house experienced welders, who have perfected and streamlined the framing process.

After weaving is complete, the furniture must be approved before entering the packaging department. Collaboration between inspectors at the Cebu factory and our in- house quality control at Alexander Rose UK means that products are double checked for faults before being sent out to the customer.

After the metal chair frame is made, the final stage is to weave each Viro Fibre onto it, which is carried out by our highly skilled team of weavers. The attention to detail is integral to maintain the design features and the signature weaving pattern of each weave range; San Marino, Monte Carlo, Ocean and Ocean Pearl. Basket weave is used to make our San Marino and Monte Carlo range, and V pattern weave is used to make the Ocean range using flat fibres, and our Ocean Pearl is made using basket weave with flat fibres.

When buying Alexander Rose furniture, you can be assured that you are getting excellent design, craftmanship and quality. Alexander Rose garden furniture can be purchased from our retailers, a list of which can be found on our website under the ‘retailers’ tab.   

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Ocean Pearl Fiji Stacking Armchair

The Woven Story in Motion

Why don’t you check out our super informative YouTube video so you can see exactly how our woven furniture is made!