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Our Environment

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Recyclable Materials

As a company committed to sustainability, we’re forever wanting to become more and more green. A big part of that commitment relates to the materials used within our packaging and how recyclable they are.

Whenever we design a new product, a careful part of the process for us is to consider it’s packaging and how we can facilitate making it as easy as possible to recycle.

With this in mind, we never over package our products and we always maximise the use of recyclable materials for packaging, wherever possible.

Eco-friendly packaging is more than just a buzzword for us. When you buy a piece of Alexander Rose furniture, we want you to fully experience our commitment towards a more responsible future.

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Plastic Reduction

In recent years we’ve become painfully aware of the long-lasting damage plastic causes to our environment. It stays around for years, spreads toxins and poses a threat to wildlife. And, crazily, it’s still so commonly used within the manufacturing industry. Our mission at Alexander Rose has been to buck this trend and implement as many alternatives as we can, in our ongoing efforts to be as sustainable as possible.

When you order garden furniture from us, you’ll see and experience this commitment for yourselves, from the brown card and paper we use to wrap our products, held together with string and brown tape. These are far more sustainable than the industry standard plastic wrap and cello tape. Instead of foam and plastic film, we use corrugated cardboard or butt roll. And we only use environmentally cleaning products in the office too!

Our commitment to plastic reduction is a big part of who we are, and what we stand for and we are constantly striving to improve, wherever we can.