Alexander Rose Commercial installation Photo

Half Moon Inn, Kirdford

The Halfmoon Inn is a beautiful pub nestled in the countryside in Kirdford, West Sussex. It’s one of those pubs where you instantly feel welcome and relaxed. It’s informal, dog-friendly and you could easily sit and graze your way through their wholesome, home-cooked dishes sat by the open inglenook fireplace, or in their cottage garden with a freshly pulled pint.

Back in 2017, much to the excitement of the locals, the pub was bought by Jodie Kidd, famous for her career as an English fashion model, racing car driver and television personality.

As part of the pub refurb which inevitably came after the purchase, Jodie and her team contacted us to discuss their wishes for their garden furniture, both at the front and back of the pub. They were set on using high quality timber and local suppliers and we were certainly glad to accommodate.

The Brief

The 3 cottages that form the pub were once the craftsman’s workshops for the local village, and these were built way back in 1640. With this in mind, the team were keen to retain that homely traditional feel, but naturally wanted to add modernisations where appropriate to make their set up as practical and comfortable as possible.

It was also important for them that the furniture wasn’t fixed, as they needed the flexibility to accommodate both small or large groups, and shuffle around chairs and tables as necessary.

The End Result

The end result was a mixture from our Roble collection – clean and unfussy harwood furniture, with an emphasis on natural materials, quality timber and unrivalled craftsmanship.

We paired smaller, square and rectangular tables for the more intimate seating arrangements with several of our large round Bengal pedestal tables which can accommodate up to 8. Dotted amongst these were several stainless steel parasols in a beautiful beige ecru, which comes from the French word écru, and means “unbleached”.

The furniture is now gradually weathering to a sophisticated silvery grey colour, and looks completely at home with the backdrop of this charming 17th century building.