San Marino Side Table

Our Difference

Alexander Rose Sorrento Modular Set Luxury Teak Garden Furniture
Protected with a 10 year warranty

Rest assured your furniture is built to last and is protected with our 10 year warranty.

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Alexander Rose Plank Teak Table Luxury Wooden Garden Furniture
Masters at work Craftmanship

Every piece of furniture in our woven collection as well as our Cordial range is hand-woven by our experienced craftsman who produce what we believe to be amongst the most beautiful woven furniture in the world today.

Design Drawing
Innovative Design

We are proud to be leaders in the industry for our innovative designs, all overseen by our in house design team.

Alexander Rose San Marino Viro Weave with a Hermit Crab Crawling on it
Sun ready Fade Proof

The Viro Fiber is coloured all the way through (think of a carrot and not a radish) so will never fade in the sun.

Alexander Rose San Marino Spa Installation
Easy care Low Maintenance Weave

All of our products are designed for low maintence. Our weave products can be left out in all weathers and are easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

Alexander Rose Stacking Armchair Classic White Rattan
Unbeatable quality Viro Fiber

Viro is a superior quality, polyethylene-based fiber characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength. This synthetic material ensures a fiber that is completely colored throughout and resistant to temperature variations.

Alexander Rose Beach Lounge set with Coffee Table
Worry free Weather Ready

Our furniture is designed to be able to be left out in all weathers. We recommend bringing your cushions in overnight or in bad weather conditions but the frames are designed to be left out. You can cover your furniture for better care but it is not essential.

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