Alexander Rose Commercial spa installation Photo

Buying Spa Furniture

There are a few things to think about before rushing into buying spa outdoor furniture for your commercial premise. You may think you have it all figured out, but free advice usually does not hurt. The following factors can affect your buying decision:

The climate in the area and level of maintenance

Spa outdoor furniture comes in different kinds of materials. Some require more care than others and may not be best suited to the conditions in your particular region.

Metal is usually able to bear numerous environmental factors. Wrought-iron is heavy and is usually a great choice for windy areas. However, it rusts easily and requires repainting every now and then.

Natural wicker usually fades in direct sunlight and is not resistant to moisture. It can also dry out and split in areas with low humidity. Synthetic wicker is a better choice for humid climates and areas with direct exposure to sunlight. Regular cleaning using mild soap can remove any dirt and dust hidden in the weave’s crevices.

Wood is durable, resistant to decay, does not absorb heat and is resistant to insects. Different types of wood can be used for spa garden furniture, but teak is the most durable and the most expensive option. It is also the only type of wood that can withstand weather conditions without necessitating the need for regular maintenance.

Know your space

Identifying the amount of space you are working with and planning how you are going to use it will determine the kind of spa outdoor furniture you need. There are obviously the wrong kinds of furniture you can place outdoors. You need to have furniture that exhibits what you offer… relaxation.

Select a theme and stick with it

Outdoor spa furniture usually comes in a variety of different styles. A particular style should reflect your space’s purpose. Certain pieces make a space look casual or entertaining. Since leisure is your goal, aim for simple designs and natural colours.

Clearly, research will have to be done before purchases can be made. It is up to the business owner to understand the location of their business and the product they are trying to offer. A spa is the epitome of relaxation thus needs furniture to accompany the relaxed state the clients will be aiming to achieve. Plastic chairs are out of the question. Instead, the business owner may consider investing in comfortable sofas, pool beds, and the like. When in doubt, you can always consult an interior design expert.